Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Angels in America Part 1 - Belvoir Theatre

To be truthful, I was dreading going to see Angels in America Part One. I'd been persuaded by one of my daughters that it would be terrific, but I still had memories of the original television production, which struck me at the time as slow moving and worthy. I needn't have worried. Performed at the Belvoir on a stage whose walls and floors were entirely tiled in white bathroom tiles (perhaps a reference to hospitals - and the public lavatories where gay sex, I'm told, has been known to take place?), the production was directed by Eamon Flack, who, judging by this and the production I saw last year at the Belvoir of As You Like It, knows better than anyone in Australia - or possibly the entire English-speaking world - how to get a group of actors working brilliantly together. Although I have no real idea what the hell the play was trying to convey, the performance was a clever, gripping, entertaining and moving example of theatre at its best. As a result, I'm actively looking forward to Part Two

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